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Roller blinds

roller blinds for every kind of window

Roller blinds are fabric blinds that are rolled up in an upwards direction. They can be fitted into the window box, by the wall or at the ceiling.


Functionality of roller blinds

Roller blinds can be installed at home, as well as in office or public spaces.

  • At home, roller blinds will look great and be functional in both in the living room and bedroom and the kitchen. It is possible to combine them with thin curtains to create an even cosier atmosphere.
  • In office spaces, roller blinds will protect from too bright sunlight if the sun is shining directly into the windows during the working hours. The austere design will create an elegant and organised space while also making it cosier.
  • In public spaces, for example, in restaurants, beauty saloons and other public spaces with large windows, roller blinds will be perfect to prevent the glare of the sun. These blinds can be semi-transparent in order to reduce the light intensity, but not to completely obscure the window.

Roller blinds design

The maximum width of the roller blind is 4 m. They can be made from materials in a variety of colors and can also be semi-transparent. Roller blinds can have a varied decorative trim at the bottom.

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