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Classic curtains

blue classic curtains at Kukshas manor

Classic curtains in the right place will always be in style. Traditionally, we are creating classic curtains for castles, manors, luxurious classic-style mansions or apartments.

Design of classic curtains

In selection of design for classic curtains large attention is paid to nuances, especially fine and luxurious trimming, fixtures, forms, design of curtain poles, etc., since classic curtains will be one of the main highlights of the interior – they will draw attention to the windows.

Classic design curtains mostly are made from fabrics padded with lining:

  •  various decorative fabrics;
  •  velvet;
  •  tapestry;
  •  plain, printed or embroidered silk.

Rooms with high ceiling are the best for planning of classic design curtains – they can add majesty and elegance to the space, rendering it more luxurious. However, even in smaller rooms with low ceiling various design techniques can be used to achieve grand results.

Contact us to obtain further information. We have designed and installed curtains in several manors, luxurious private mansions and apartments.

A selection of our realized projects

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