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Office curtains

office curtains design

Office curtains for productive work. 

Office curtains serve two main functions – protection against sunlight in order to support productive work and also they function as a decorative element making the office more comfortable.

The direction and scenery which office windows are facing determines the amount and time of bright sunshine, which can hinder work, especially, if it involves working with computers. Therefore, the choice of curtains, blinds or combination of the both should be made considering this fact as well.

Classic office curtains and blinds

If an office has a classic interior, decorative curtains could be hung by the sides of the windows, in a fixed position with a functional Roman blind behind them, which can be opened or closed as necessary. Above the Roman blind thin tulle or organza curtains may be added.

Modern office curtains and blinds

For a more modern office interior, for example, if dominated by light colours, glass and metal, office curtains may be made from transparent organza in silver or other metallic shade, or natural, semitransparent curtains from linen fabric may be introduced.

Panel system blocks could also be made from suitable fabrics, which can be sliding on a horizontal axis, or even simpler – curtains on hooks or stud rings. Light-reflecting roll-up blinds can be used for blocking the light from entering the room.

Curtain design for your office windows

Our designer will propose the best design solutions for curtains and/or blinds for your office, taking into consideration:

  •  the features of the location,
  •  the interior of the premises,
  •  your taste and style,
  •  the specifics of your work,
  •  all of the functional aspects – ease of use, cleaning, longevity, budget, etc.

A selection of our realized projects

Contact us to arrange an appointment! We provide the full range of services, from an idea and to installations and cleaning of curtains throughout their service life.
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