18 years of experience

Designer Kristīne Martinsone from Aizkarudizains.lv has more than 18 years experience in this area. Every order is executed with utmost care, ardour and sense of responsibility.

What will be your main benefits from cooperation with us? We are able to adjust to any style and every taste by approaching the process of production of curtains not only from aesthetic, but also the functional aspects by considering all of even the tiniest nuances within the process of creation of curtains.

How are tailor designed curtains made

Designer's advice

In order to draft proposal of the curtains design, out designer along with a production master will visit the space, where installation of curtains is planned to assess its size, angles of opening of windows, interior of the room (every nuance matters: when does the sun shines into the window, what are available solutions for fixtures of curtains, etc.). The designer will take precise measurements of windows and listen to your wishes and ideas concerning materials, colours, functionality of curtains and/ or blinds.

Consulting with a designer costs 20 EUR in Riga (transportation expenses to be agreed when the object is located outside of Riga). After the meeting designed will provide you with preliminary price estimates.

Design sketches and fabric samples

After approval of preliminary proposal at the second meeting the designer will offer you several possible options of curtains and / or blinds and introduce with fabric samples and available types of fixtures. Every fabric has to be assessed in the particular room, where it is planned to be used. The designer will explain advantages of every solution – both practical and aesthetic considerations.


After assessment of all design options and considering samples of available fabrics all you’ll have to do will be make your choice and agree on deadlines for production of the curtains and the most appropriate day and time for installation of the curtains. At this moment the designer will also be able to tell final cost estimates, as precise amounts and types of materials required will be clear. These will be close to preliminary estimates, unless any major changes were made in your wishes.

Production and installation

We will be happy to start working! Shortly after completion of production of curtains we will arrive to install them. You will be free from any worries, as we will take care for everything up to the last detail.