Curtain styles

We offer you designing, sewing and installation of curtains best suited for the interior design of your rooms.

In selection and proposing of curtain style solutions we pay attention to both aesthetic and functional aspects.
We will help you to choose style of the curtains, colours and materials, we carefully consider everything to the tiniest detail – installation conditions, mechanisms for opening and closing of curtains, need for cleaning of the curtains, etc.
We have experience of creating curtains for private houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels, offices, manors, etc.

blue classic curtains at Kukshas manor

Classic curtains

Classic curtains in the right place will always be in style. Traditionally, we are creating classic curtains for castles, manors, luxurious classic-style mansions or apartments.

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modern curtains style

Modern curtains

Modern curtains can refresh a classical interior by serving as a transition from classic values inhibiting the space to the modern world behind the window.

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roman curtains with flower on the windowsill

Roll-up curtains

Roman curtains are both – functional and decorative. They are made from tulle, organza or any thick fabric.

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elegant dark night curtains

Black-out curtains

Black-out curtains are among the most functional curtains. Their design depends on the interior of the room, your wishes, specifics dictated by the qualities of the space.

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white daytime curtains

Daytime curtains

Daytime curtains add lightness and warmth to your room. Light daytime curtains are a “must have” for windows on the ground floor of the building, as well as in houses facing other houses with overlooking windows.

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white and brown curtain panels

Curtain panels

Panels or curtain panels of curtain systems, which can be slid to the right and the left. By adding mechanisms of panel system ropes, panels can be manually slid to the side one by one.

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orange curtains with stud rings

Curtains with stud rings

From the design point of view, medium-thick curtains with stud rings will look best in a single line. Rings serve as an additional design element. Curtains with rings can be arranged on the curtain pole and then folded according to the designer’s intent.

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white linen curtains

Linen curtains

One of the most favourite curtain styles in Europe and Scandinavia, evidencing fine taste and high aesthetic values.

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