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We offer you wide range of design elements and accessories to supplement the design of curtains for your interiors.

Curtain poles and tracks

Curtain poles

Curtain fixtures systems form an integral part of every curtain design. They will not only support the functionality of your curtains, but also work as an excellent accessory to any design.

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elegant blue canopies with palma and elephant


Canopy – decorative and practical design element in the bedroom,for separation of zones in the room, on an outdoors terrace, kids
room, etc. Design, production and installation.

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Individually designed bedspreads


Bedspread serves as exquisite design element with a practical function – it protects the bed from dust, and also makes the bedroom look tidier, thus creating a feeling of harmony before the good night’s sleep.

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decorative pillows in a classic interior

Decorative pillows

Decorative pillows serve as a functional design highlight in the interiors. Decorative pillows can be used to make your interior more diverse and interesting, e.g., by placing bright, sparkling decorative pillows in a classic interior.

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Decorative tassels for curtain holds

Curtain accessories

Classical, modern or any other curtain style design can be made even more rich and full-bodied by adding of matching curtain accessories.

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colorful chair slips

Chair slips

Even well worn chairs can be given a new look by sewing fresh slips for them. Chair slips can bring new, fresh feel to your interior. New chair slips will create an impression that the chairs themselves are new.

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