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Curtains for nurseries

kids bedroom curtains with cats

A nursery is a whole world in itself.

Child's mood will to a large extent depend also on the interior of his or her room, therefore, especial attention should be paid to the selection of curtains for the nursery:

  •  orange and yellow colour is associated with joy, fun and the sun,
  •  green is the colour of grass and silence,
  •  red – the colour of warmth and love,
  •  pink and light blue colours will bring tenderness and peace to your child's room.

The following should be avoided in the nursery interior:

  •  dark and dismal tones,
  •  patterns with sharp forms,
  •  drawings of evil characters from fairy tales or cartoons.

Nursery curtains

The best option for a nursery would be to select colourful curtains – they will have positive influence on the development of your child and will create various positive associations.

The colour of the curtains in the nursery should be selected to match the other colours in the interior: bedspreads, wallpaper and other elements of furniture and décor, but the material should be natural.

The curtains should reflect the playfulness, they should both create the necessary atmosphere and be of high quality and easy to care. Nursery interior requires expression of imagination that should in no way be restricted.

Although the colour that we see from the birth may not always be playing a crucial role in the formation of the child's personality, children should not be subjected to melancholy. And also it is a common knowledge that small children are afraid of dark.

Motives of nursery curtains

Create a world of fantasy for your children without monsters that might be coming out of the dark, but is inhibited by fairy-tale heroes, flowers and bright sunlight. In order to achieve additional decorative effect, various applications can be placed on the curtains – flowers, animals, fairy-tale heroes, favourite cartoon heroes, and others.

Are you willing to decorate your nursery yourself?

With us you can always purchase or order the perfect curtains for the nursery. We guarantee quality, safety, durability, practicality in use and great look of our products by ensuring execution of your order in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices.

For the peaceful sleep of children

Windows in the kids rooms should be dressed with curtains of thicker fabric or roll-up blinds completely blocking light should be used to shade the room.

Nursery curtain design

Our designer will help you to select the curtains best suited for the personality and the interests of your children and also the design of their rooms. We will help you combine thin and thick curtains or curtains and blinds, to support their playfulness and functionality. We will take measurements, propose the design, produce and install curtains. We are offering full range of services related to design and production of curtains.

Creation of nursery curtains with the child

If your child is already able to express coherent decisions (about 4 years old), his or her opinion should be taken into account in designing of the curtains. Our designer will be happy to discuss curtain design with the little resident of the room.

A selection of our realized projects

Contact us to arrange meeting with our designer and to start working on designing your new curtains.
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