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Decorative pillows

decorative pillows in a classic interior

Decorative pillows – a highlight in the interior design.

Decorative pillows serve as a functional design highlight in the interiors. Decorative pillows can be used to make your interior more diverse and interesting, e.g., by placing bright, sparkling decorative pillows in a classic interior.

Combining of various colours of pillows and rearranging of their placement can let you change appearance of the room even on a daily basis, should you be be willing to.


Design of pillows

Flight of your phantasies is not limited due to colours, selection of fabrics and forms of the pillows. They can be matched with curtains, canopies, bedspreads or any other design elements in your room.

Decorative pillows can come in various shapes:

  •  square;
  •  round;
  •  oval;
  •  rectangular, etc.

Various shapes of decorative pillows can be combined, e.g., by mixing rectangular pillows with square one, etc. Various styles can also be combined, e.g., by contrasting classic style with various decorative pillows of romantic style, thus creating more vibrant atmosphere to the room.

Slips of decorative pillows shall best be made with closed openings, which would allow for them to be removed for cleaning and washing.

A selection of our realized projects

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