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Pleated blinds

Curtain decorative trends - pleated blinds



Pleated blinds are a new, modern and functional way of window decoration.

Pleated blinds are a great option for people who have difficulties finding blinds or curtains for non-standard or roof windows, as well as those who can’t devote too much space for window decoration due to specifics or size of the room.


Use of pleated blinds

Pleated blinds look great in almost any room - kitchen, guest room, bedroom or office. In addition, pleated blinds provide another great option for decorating roof windows, as well as other types of windows. It is great news for those who seek a space-saving blind solution for their home or office.


Pleated blinds design options

The fabrics used for creating pleated blinds are very easy to maintain and another advantage is water resistance. Likewise, most of the fabrics offered are fire resistent. In addition, these fabrics are availible in a variety of colors and thicknesses (with varied light transmittance), including reflective and dimming blinds, which will be perfect for roof windows in a bedroom. They will cover the whole necessary area, serving both a practical and decorative purpose.


Technical solutions and options for pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are easy to attach to the window frames and their compactness allows for maximum visibility through the glass. They are perfect for both vertical and inclined planes. In addition, the aperture can be adjusted not only from the bottom to the top, but also vice versa.

Pleated blinds may be opened from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom.

The construction of a pleated blind includes two aluminium profiles between which the pleated fabric is fixed. During raising and lowering, the fabric is folded like an accordion and takes up about 5cm when fully folded.

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