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Shower curtains

Square Shower Curtain

We will produce shower curtains according to your individual design, as well as provide fixtures and installation. We manufacture and hang shower or bath curtains in private and public spaces, for example, swimming pools, rehabs, sports clubs, saunas, etc.

We can fold curtain track to match the shape of the shower or batch, and we can sew shower/batch curtains from a special water resistant fabric.

Our solutions will allow you installing shower curtains even if you have chosen a non- standard shower or bath or you are just looking for something outstanding – interesting and functional...

Making and installation of custom shower curtains

  •  We take measurements so that we can produce the necessary track and curtains, as well as think about the best solution for the fixtures.
  •  We offer various solutions: variety of shower curtain materials, colours, types, tracks and fixture options. Now there are also shower curtains available, which resemble traditional textile curtains. They look much better, but still serve their purpose and feel much nicer when accidentally touched while showering.
  •  We produce and install curtains of your selection,
    we prepareall materials so that the new curtains
    can be quickly installed at your bathroom. 
Contact us to obtain further information on opportunities available for designing and hanging of shower curtains.
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