Choose any curtains that best fit your taste, life-style and interior design.

We offer various curtains for your home, offices, open air areas and events – weddings, restaurants, theatres, etc. From classics to modern style for any style of interior, combined with blinds and other elements. We offer a full range of services from design, selection of fabrics and style to sewing and installation of your window decoration.

Dinning room curtains

Dining room curtains

The dining area of your home is the place where family, friends, relatives and guests come together to enjoy each other’s company. Elegance at the holiday table from A to Z: coordinated curtains, tablecloth, napkins, dinnerware, chairs, table – everything!

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flower curtains for kitchen windows

Curtains for kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of any home. Meals are cooked here for the family, friends and other guests. You can make it even more welcoming, while still hiding from unwanted looks of passers-by and safeguarding your privacy.

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bedroom curtain design ideas

Bedroom curtains

Bedroom is the room, where you can allow to introduce romantic a feel with your curtains: curtains with large floral patterns,
curtains with ornaments, with embroidery or laces, matching interiors, furniture and feeling of the room etc.

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kids bedroom curtains with cats

Curtains for nurseries

The best option for a nursery would be to select colourful curtains – they will have positive influence on the development of your child and will create various positive associations.

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office curtains design

Office curtains

Office curtains serve two main functions – protection against sunlight in order to support productive work and also they function as a decorative element making the office more comfortable.

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scene curtains in Valka school

Stage curtains

We will create the stage curtains that will highlight the main object of the room – the stage and action going on there.

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Curtains for hotels and guest houses

Curtains for hotels and guest rooms

We have been creating curtains for hotels, rehabs, guest houses and castles as custom made individual orders, considering the individual style of every room and overall feel you are striving to create.

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white curtains for restaurants and cafes

Curtains for restaurants and cafes

We design elegant curtains to compliment the interior of your restaurant or café. We can develop a unique design or follow the ideas and instructions of your interior designers.

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roman curtains on our bathroom window

Bathroom curtains

We create functional, decorative curtains, matching the style of your bathroom. We offer full
range of services – taking measurements, design, production and installation.

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Square Shower Curtain

Shower curtains

We will produce shower curtains according to your individual design, as well as provide fixtures and installation. We manufacture and hang shower or bath curtains in private public spaces, for example, swimming pools, rehabs, sports clubs, saunas, etc.

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linen door curtains

Door curtains

We produce door curtains, which can be matched with the existing or new window decorations. We can manufacture functional curtains or blinds for the doors that match the interior and are functional, taking into consideration the fixtures, opening and closing mechanisms, etc.

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green non standard window curtains in bedroom

Curtains for non-standard windows

Having non-standard windows in your house or corporate office? You shouldn’t worry – our designer will offer great solutions. Even if in the beginning it may seem that non-standard windows is a defect of the room, well considered curtain design can help turn it into a spectacular effect!

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