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We help to bring positive emotions to your home, work and public spaces

“ is our family business. And, just like for any family business every client is special to us, every order is being executed with utmost care and our heart lies in every work performed by us to the best of quality.
We love challenges, projects where we can express ourselves creatively by applying our experience and knowledge of the advanced style and material trends.”

A story of positive emotions

Curtain design is a story of positive emotions… Curtains help a great deal to create positive feel in any room – they can serve as a background to the interior, emphasise features of the view from the window or become a highlight by themselves. So after a long day at work you can spend a peaceful evening with your family in the seating room, enjoy wholesome night’s sleep in bedroom, you can work effective hours in your offices or entertain guests in your elegant restaurant or cosy guest house.

Our story

Once, while I was still employed in a retail industry, I got my hands on a notorious book by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lecther “Rich dad, poor dad”, which I devoured with great interest until I decided that the newly obtained knowledge should be put to practical use.

I told my girlfriend, now already a wife Kristīne, that with her creativity and experience in window-dressing industry and my target orientation and sales experience we could set up a common business. Our goal was creation of positive emotions. And now already for more than 10 years we are jointly working on it!

Our experience

Our designer Kristīne has more than 23 years of experience in this industry. She had created curtain design for the most diverse spaces – luxurious curtains for Kukšu manor, curtains for beach restaurant, ceiling curtains, the ones for pompous wedding in richly decorated open air tent, curtains for beauty parlours and countless sets of curtains for dining rooms, bedroom, kitchens and kids rooms.


Of course, we are inspired by our clients. But we also get inspiration from nature. So we have arrived at a new hobby combining urban environment and nature, at the same time allowing for us to express our creative ideas.

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