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Curtains for non-standard windows

green non standard window curtains in bedroom

Having non-standard windows in your house or corporate office? You shouldn't worry – our designer will offer great solutions. Even if in the beginning it may seem that non-standard windows is a defect of the room, well considered curtain design can help turn it into a spectacular effect!

We create curtains for non-standard windows:

  •  triangular,
  •  semi-circle,
  •  circular,
  •  trapeze,
  •  roof windows, etc.

Curtain design for non-standard windows

Just like with designing of any other curtains, in creation of curtains for non-standard windows we pay a lot of attention to functionality and overall style of the room. Almost everything is possible! The window can be turned into an accent in the room or on a contrary – it can be used as a background for other decorative elements.

We consider every window an individual project, so we can adjust practically everything – fixtures, type of fabric, colour, curtain style, combinations with blinds, which also are individually tailored considering the sizes and other particularities of your non-standard windows.

Opening and closing solutions for curtains for non-standard windows

If the room has high ceilings or a window is located at the place where it is not easily accessible, we will offer specially adjusted solutions for opening and closing of curtains and/or blinds – they can be manual or electronic.

Taking care for non-standard windows curtains

In creation of curtain design we also think about the cleaning (considering the type of the curtain fabric and other criteria) so that you or the relevant specialists would have no problems in removing, cleaning and returning the curtains to your windows.

Ordering the curtain design

In order to get overview of the available solutions, contact our designer, who will be happy to listen to your wishes, look at the window and the interior and offer you the best solutions considering all particularities.

Find out more about how we are creating curtain designs.

A selection of our realized projects

Contact us to arrange meeting with our designer and to start working on designing your new curtains.
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