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Door curtains

linen door curtains

We produce door curtains, which can be matched with the existing or new window decorations. We can manufacture functional curtains or blinds for the doors that match the interior and are functional, taking into consideration the fixtures, opening and closing mechanisms, etc.

Door curtains should be chosen so that they could be completely opened at one side, for example, in the case of Roman blinds they could be rolled up so as not to be in the way when walking and opening the doors.

Roll-up cartridge blinds also could be used on the doors, but it must be noted that the doors should be opening to the outside, otherwise the blind could be clashing with door-pane and the doors might not be possible to open to the maximum width.

Door curtains for restaurants

In order to retain the warmth in the rooms and avoid causing any discomfort to the guests, we provide and install in restaurants door curtains made from an especially thick material in colours and styles matching the interior. We provide all fixture details as well as the installation.

A selection of our realized projects

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