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Curtain accessories

Decorative tassels for curtain holds

Curtain accessories – special highlights to the curtain design.

Classical, modern or any other curtain style design can be made even more rich and full-bodied by adding of matching curtain accessories.


We offer

  •  Decorative braids for holding up curtains
  •  Decorative tassels for curtain holds


Decorative braids for holding up curtains

Decorative braids for holding of curtains can be tailor made to match their colour, style and fabric to your curtains. They will serve as both – decorative and functional element, when the curtains will be open.


Decorative tassels for curtain holds

We offer you a selection of ready made curtain tassels, but we also can make them according to your individual order to match design of your curtains. The decorative tassels just like the braids for holding up of curtains will provide decorative and functional accents.

Contact our designer to obtain wider information on design options for decorative braids and tassels.
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