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Daytime curtains

white daytime curtains

Daytime curtains add lightness and warmth to your room. Light daytime curtains are a “must have” for windows on the ground floor of the building, as well as in houses facing other houses with overlooking windows. The best feature of daytime curtains is their ability to protect the residents from the inquisitive looks of passers-by or the neighbours. They also create cosier atmosphere.

Traditionally, light daytime curtains are white or in creamy colours; however, they can be carefully coordinated with the rest of the interior and be made in other shades, with various prints and decorative embroidery.


Daytime curtain fabrics

Daytime curtains usually are made from tulle or organza, however, such curtains can be produced also from other fabrics, for example, fishnet, screen, fine linen and other lighter curtain fabrics.


Daytime curtain care

Daytime curtains are easy-to-care, they can be washed in a washing machine, recommended a gentle washing mode with liquid detergents at 30 °C. After washing, the curtains must be dried and, if necessary, ironed with medium hot iron. Your daytime curtains will be ready for hanging back at the window.


Daytime curtain design

Daytime curtain design mostly depends on the selection of the colour and type of fabric, as well as of fixtures. They can be hung on traditional curtain poles, as well as on curtain tracks mounted to the ceiling. Thus it is possible to achieve much longer vertical line, which will add elegant touch to the room and will visually heighten the ceiling.

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