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Bedroom curtains

bedroom curtain design ideas

Bedroom curtains for your relaxation.

Main functions to be served by window decoration in the bedroom are:

  • the protection of sleepers from sun and light,
  • the creation of cosy and harmonized atmosphere.

Therefore, when making your selection of bedroom curtain fabric, you should keep in mind that it should be thick enough to ensure the utmost comfort and the best conditions for sleeping. This is of particular importance, if your bedroom windows are facing East.

Bedroom is the room, where you can allow to introduce romantic a feel with your curtains:

  • Curtains with large floral patterns,
  • Curtains with ornaments,
  • with embroidery or laces, matching interiors, furniture and feeling of the room,
  • or something rather functional, laconic and simple – plain thick fabric curtains.

If you are living in a city,  also take into consideration that long curtains (stretching from ceiling all the way to the floor) will certainly also help to absorb noise.

Just like in any other room, bedroom curtains also can be combined with blinds or with curtains of various thickness.

Unless you live far away from inquisitive looks of neighbours and other people, bedroom is the place, where you need both – thin and thick curtains or blinds.

Depending on the style of your bedroom, your wishes, the size of the room and other elements, you have various combinations and options open to you:

  • thin and thick curtains,
  • thin curtains and blinds,
  • thin blinds and thick curtains
  • or even two types of blinds serving the functions of thin and thick curtains.

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