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Various interesting ideas for inspiration

Creative ideas and practical advice for the design of your company premises or your home.

2020 interior and design trends

2020 is coming with new trends and changes to the old trends. This year's keywords are cozy, feminine, homely and simple. Here are some of the latest trends in interior and design.
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Home interior design trends in 2019

As always, the top interior designers of the world do not share a single point of view on the top trends this year; however, we have collected the most popular trends they do agree on.
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Curtain cleaning

Curtain cleaning at your home or office

The curtains and blinds of your home and office are functional part of interior design - they protect you from bright sunlight, reflect heat or, on the contrary, they help to keep the room warm during the winter months.
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VELUX blinds, shutters and sunshades

VELUX blinds, shutters and sunshades

Does your house has VELUX roof windows? Are you planning to change or install roof windows? We can safely say that will be a great choice.
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Bedspreads for your bedroom

Elegance in the bedroom - bedspreads

A bedspread is a wonderful way to bring elegance in your, children’s or guest bedroom.
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Ideas for wedding gifts

Wedding gift ideas

When you have been invited to wedding there are two main questions causing the most worries: "What to wear?" and "Where to find the perfect wedding gift?" Based on our experience, we offer you a few ideas to find the answer to the question “what to give to the newlyweds?”.
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Outdoor curtains - for summer atmosphere

Patio or outdoor curtains - for summer atmosphere

Where do you like to spend your time in summer? Outdoors? On the front porch, sipping a refreshing cocktail?
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Ideas for the use of decorative cushions in the interior

Some ideas for the use of decorative cushions in the interior

Decorative cushions are a practical highlight to the interior which may completely change the design of the room. In addition, decorative cushions are an interior element that can be easily replaced bringing something fresh into the room design.
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Original ideas for birthday gifts

Original ideas for birthday gifts? They are not so easy to find! A great birthday gift will be a lasting value that will remind the recipient about the giver and will bring positive emotions long after it is received.
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How much do quality curtains cost

How much do quality curtains cost?

It is not that easy to say right away how much quality curtains will cost. When you order curtains, just like when making any other order with a wide range of options and solutions, there are too many variables.
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