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Curtain cleaning at your home or office

Curtain cleaning

The curtains and blinds of your home and office are functional part of interior design - they protect you from bright sunlight, reflect heat or, on the contrary, they help to keep the room warm during the winter months. However, curtains accumulate dust and experts recommend thorough cleaning once a year.

Curtain cleaning

Curtains can be cleaned during any season. It depends on your cleaning habits and needs. Based on the curtain design and fabric type, suitable cleaning methods must be used.

Some curtains can be cleaned at home, for example, by machine-washing them at a suitable regime with an appropriate detergent or they can be washed by hands. However, some curtains are too large to fit in the washing machine, while others require special detergents or techniques to prevent damage during washing.

Thick curtain cleaning

Thick curtain cleaning is a quite complex process, as depending on the previous cleaning or their hanging location they must be first cleaned from dust. The curtains must be carefully removed, cleaned, dried and ironed and only then they can be re-attached to the curtain rails.

Cleaning of combined fabrics

Curtains made from, for example, silk fabrics must be cleaned very carefully. Silk is a very fine, yet elegant and natural material, but it is lined with another type of fabric. Thus, the cleaning must be equally appropriate and efficient for both fabrics. This applies to other types of curtains that combine two or more fabrics or other materials, for example, in their finishing. Also, when ironing such combined curtains, you may not forget that each fabric has its own properties that require different heat levels.

Tips ad tricks of curtain cleaning

Large window curtains that consist of several parts or curtains for multiple windows that look the same should be numbered before removing them to know exactly where and in what order they should be reattached.

Curtain rail cleaning and window washing

Curtain cleaning should be planned together with window, windowsill and curtain pole cleaning, as, while the curtains are removed, you can be sure that you won’t accidentally damage the curtain fabric with cleaning agents, which can leave marks of even damage the structure of the fabric.

Depending on the material of the curtain poles, the most suitable cleaning agents should be selected. For example, you should not clean metallic poles only with water. It is better to use a suitable cleaner that will leave them shiny and prevent staining.

Curtain cleaning services

How to be sure that the curtains will look like new regardless of their style or fabric? Trust an expert to remove, clean and rehang the curtains. This way there is no risk of using unsuitable cleaning agents or accidental damage during the cleaning process. In addition, you will be released from the cumbersome procedure of attaching and removing the curtains.

Curtain cleaning service.

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