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Night curtain fabrics

Blue night curtain fabrics

Wide selection of night curtains – thick curtains with various prints, embroidery in wide range of colours.

Thick curtain fabrics usually come 1.4 to 2.8 m wide. For windows less than 1.50 meters wide use of narrow curtain fabrics is recommended, as only two drops are needed – one at each side of the window. However when width of a window exceeds 1.50 meters, it is better to use the wide curtain fabric, which allows for avoiding from sewing of several drops together.

Our designer will offer the best solutions to you, considering your wishes, taste, interiors of planned space, as well as functional aspects.


Bestselling night curtain fabrics


Black out curtain fabrics

In order to achieve complete blocking of light, black out curtains are used with the lowest possible light transmission. These can be used as exclusive night curtains or as a lining for any visually appealing curtain. The black out curtain fabric can also be used for Roman style or fold-up curtains.



Gobelin curtain fabrics are available not only in plain colour, but also with beautiful floral patterns or ornamental decors. Gobelin curtain fabrics stand out with their thickness and weight. They block sounds, light and heat. Such type of curtain fabric requires lining. Gobelin curtains are best suited for representative spaces with high ceilings – halls, castles, manors, luxurious dining and sitting rooms. This curtain fabric is used to create decorative curtains as their functional opening and closing is not easy. It can be made easier by using sliding mechanism hidden under the lambrecens.



Tafetta curtain fabrics are rather luxurious due to their inherent gloss. They are quite light and suitable for creation of various decorative elements of curtains. Tafetta curtain fabrics are available in plain colour and with various prints.



If silk curtain fabric is chosen to be used for night curtains, you should take into account that lining will be necessary to make them thicker and less light transmissive, as well as to protect them from losing their colour in a summer, when you will be hiding from the bright sunshine.


Individual curtain design

At the meeting following survey of premises and listening to your wishes our designer will be presenting the proposed curtain designs accompanied by samples of available curtain fabrics. This will allow for you and the designer to assess how the fabrics will look in the chosen space.

A selection of our night curtain fabrics

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