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Individually designed bedspreads

Individually designed bedspreads.

Bedspread serves as exquisite design element with a practical function – it protects the bed from dust, and also makes the bedroom look tidier, thus creating a feeling of harmony before the good night's sleep.


Design of bedspreads

Individually designed bedspread can be tailor made considering the size of your bed and its design can be matched to design of your room or curtains, thus creating warm and cozy feeling in the air. Bedspreads can be matched with interesting decorative pillows. Select your preferred bedspread from wide range of colours and shades available. It can be plain or multicoloured, with diverse patters, applications and embroidery can be added to it. Usually bedspreads come with sintepone cushion and lining, with a grid of decorative stitching over the decorative surface. If the fabric is sufficiently thick, the bedspread can be made also without lining. It is easy to remove and clean.

A selection of our realized projects

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