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Stage curtains

scene curtains in Valka school

Elegant stage curtains.

We will create the stage curtains that will highlight the main object of the room – the stage and action going on there.

Stage curtains (curtains for an official hall) usually are made from thick fabric so that they would not be transparent and would absorb the noise of actions going on at the stage, while the curtains are closed and, for example, scenery or persons are being replaced.

Stage curtains are heavy and sturdy, therefore, a durable track or pole should be chosen with either manual control – with a rope at one side – or electrical controls.

We provide

  •  Stage curtain design – colour, choice of fabric, shape, etc.
  •  Measuring – we take measurements, think about all nuances and assume responsibility.
  •  Production – within the process of production of stage curtains, we provide for and consider in detail their closing system so that it could be adjusted and all elements could be prepared to support it. Therefore, you will be able to avoid any misunderstandings with half-closed curtains, etc.
  •  Cleaning – cleaning of stage curtains is a rather complex process, as they are large, thick and must be cleaned so as to achieve the necessary effect without damaging or distorting their shape.
  •  Repairs – various accidents can happen on stage. We provide repairs of the curtains so that they would always look like new.

Auditorium curtains

An auditorium where the stage is located often also has windows. It is recommended to match the curtains for the windows with those of the stage so that they would be in harmony. It is not mandatory for the curtains of the windows to be of the same colour as the stage curtains – the main thing is to create a coordinated feel of harmony in the room.

A selection of our realized projects

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