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Curtain panels

white and brown curtain panels

Panels or curtain panels of curtain systems, which can be slid to the right and the left. By adding mechanisms of panel system ropes, panels can be manually slid to the side one by one. Curtain panels are moved by a special mechanism, which consists of special integrated sliding mechanisms for curtain panels (2-5 tracks).

Types of curtain panels

Curtain panels are curtains of rectangular shape with integrated metal weights at the bottom of the curtain panel to keep it straight.

Curtain panels can be made to:

  •  replace daytime curtains;
  •  replace black-out curtains;
  •  replace both daytime and black-out curtains; in this case the curtain panels are combined from two types of fabrics – one light and transparent and the other dark and thick.

Curtain panel design

Designs of curtain panels are limited in shape; however, there still is wide range of ideas and solutions available regarding the selection of fabrics. Curtain panels can be made in two colours, by combining colours used in the interior of the room. Curtain panels look austere and will fit perfectly in rooms with a more modern design. Panel system will look the best for large windows, exceeding width of 3m and the glass panes reaching down to the floor. Please, take into consideration that after the installation of curtain panels, at least 70 cm of the wall should be available at the either side of the window to allow opening of the window after moving the panels.

We have made curtain panels for private residences, corporate offices, apartments. Do not hesitate to contact for further information.

We provide full range of services from the idea and design to installation of mechanisms and curtain panels.

A selection of our realised projects

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