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Reference from SIA “Kukšu muiža” for SIA “Stalve”

SIA “Stalve” participated in the restoration and renovation process of the manor, working with textiles and window design.

The fabrics used were selected in accordance with the style of the manor. The designer Kristīne put all my ideas on a paper in the form of sketches and selected the most suitable curtains in term of their design and the fabric texture, color and pattern.

All thick curtains were manufactured with Latvian linen lining.
In addition to curtains, very ornate bed canopies, bedspreads and decorative pillows were created for several bedrooms. All order from Kukšu manor was carried out with great care and sense of responsibility. The cooperation with SIA “Stalve” was simply outstanding, it was an easy collaboration and I and our guests find the finished work very satisfying. SIA “Stalve” are true experts of what they do.

Thank you for your work!

SIA “Kukšu muiža” manager
Daniel Jahn

Reference from IK Auseklis for Stalve

In December 2011 the Children and youth center “IK Auseklis” launched their interest education activity in new premises in Silciema iela 3 (after renovation), as a result, we wanted to create beautiful and considered environment to make our students happy, to create a cosy atmosphere and let our employees feel comfortable, while performing their duties. The new premises required furnishing for the windows, the assembly hall and the stage, we entrusted this work to SIA “Stalve”.

The cooperation with SIA “Stalve” was easy, pleasant and successful. The range of curtains, blinds and curtain poles was very wide. The designer Kristīne listened to our ideas and made sketches, providing her professional opinion regarding the selection of materials and colors, thus finding the most suitable furnishing solutions for the interior. We thank SIA Stalve for the successful cooperation.

Headmaster V.Šibajevs

Reference of the kindergarten “Ieviņa” for SIA “Stalve”

In 2010 Sigulda District Council with the support of the European Regional Development Fund built a new preschool education institution – kindergarten “Ieviņa” for 6 groups.A procurement was announced for the manufacturing and installation of curtains and blinds, in which, thanks to affordable prices, curtain design and an extensive selection of textiles, the project was awarded to SIA “Stalve”.

The cooperation with SIA “Stalve” was simple, pleasant and interesting. All sketches, curtain design and textiles were previously agreed. Despite the large volumes, the work was carried out creatively, quickly and in high quality.

The curtain design for the 6 groups is light, with children-appropriate textile patterns.

For the windows of the halls, the designer Kristīne created a light, supple design, which is appreciated by ourselves and our guests.

We are especially proud with the image of the assembly hall with its harmonised colors and the flowing window and stage curtain textiles.

7 March 2011
Director Maira Gavare

Reference from SIA “Danone” for SIA “Stalve”

SIA “Danone” has used the services of the creative team of SIA “Stalve” for several times in the design of their corporate and advertising events. The cooperation in the past has always been very successful and to joint projects have been effective and met the expectations.

The range of the services provided is very extensive, from the creation of non-standard advertising materials to the organisation and hosting of corporate events. The employees of SIA “Stalve” have been able to meet our varied requirements and have always found the best solution in terms of application and cost.

The cooperation with SIA “Stalve” started after a jointly implemented project in creating curtain design and sewing in my private residence. The result was a pleasant surprise in terms of interesting solutions and affordable prices. The best solution was found for each room, taking into consideration the room design, its application and the individual requests of each family member.

In the name of SIA “Danone,” I can say that we believe that SIA “Stalve” is a company that provides well-organised, professional and high-quality services at affordable prices.

The employees of SIA “Stalve” are always ready to help and provide the best solutions. We intend to continue cooperation with SIA “Stalve” if we require such services in the future.

Evija Strēle
SIA Danone Marketing department manager
in the Baltic

Spectator sympathy award in the 10th Baltic Flower Carpet festival “Ziedu sakta” in Ventspils Flower carpets 2010.

“Ziedu sakta”. During the 720 year celebration of Ventspils city, we participated in the 10th Baltic Flower Carpet festival “Ziedu sakta” and received spectator sympathy award.

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