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Chair slips

colorful chair slips

Even well worn chairs can be given a new look by sewing fresh slips for them.

Chair slips can bring new, fresh feel to your interior. New chair slips will create an impression that the chairs themselves are new. An important practical feature of the chair slips – they are easy to clean.


Chair slips for restaurants and cafes

We are producing chair slips for various chairs in cafes and restaurants. The simplest way is to sew them on the basis of pre-cut patterns. However in order to ensure that chair slip looks its best, fitting is required.

Chair slips can be made from various fabrics, however it is recommended to choose thick and durable fabric – it will serve considerably longer. Fabrics can also be combined, if there is a need for a special design of chair decors. Wide range of fabric types and colours is available, thus the chair slips can be made to match virtually any interior.

Chair slips can be made for wooden, plastic or metal padded chairs. Chair slips are easy to remove and clean.


Chairs slips for special occasions

Festive slips can be made for simple and functional chairs of daily use. Thus just by covering them with luxurious slips, chairs can be modified for use, e.g., in balls, weddings, receptions, banquettes, conferences and other festive and special occasions.

Replacement of upholstery of couches and chairs

For couches and chairs we recommend permanent replacement of their upholstery in order to ensure tight fitting of soft covers, without formation of wrinkles and jamming. For your convenience we can provide our own transportation vehicles for carrying pieces of furniture to our workshops and back, which would allow for best quality of upholstery replacement. We offer wide range of high quality fabrics suitable for use on couches and chairs.

A selection of our realized projects

Contact our designer to obtain wider information on design options of furniture covers available to our tailors and handymen.
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