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Installation of curtain poles

Installation of curtain polesWe offer to install the curtain poles for all curtains ordered from us.

We provide quality service and results. Namely, we precisely measure, investigate, plan and only then install the curtain poles. We only install curtain poles that are purchased from us and for the quality and appropriate installation of which we are responsible.

If you wish to purchase curtain poles elsewhere, but create the curtain design with us, that is also possible. In this case, we will arrive to take measurements and survey the room and the curtain poles after their installation.

How are curtain poles installed?

  • You select the curtain poles (it is recommended to consult a designer or other expert, so that they would fit the space and the curtain design).
  • Our specialist will take precise measurements (height, distance, level).
  • Our specialist with their equipment carries out all activities and installs the poles.
  • All you have to do is to appreciate the results.


  • Accuracy and quality.
  • Reliability and safety.
  • When you order the curtain poles, their installation and curtain design from us, you will receive the best solution for the specific design which will fit perfectly into your room.
  • You won’t have to look for special equipment and aids, which is usually associated with additional time and costs.
  • The poles will be implemented by an employee, who is specialised in this area and is aware of some nuances which may not be know by, for example, repairers.

Selection of curtain poles

For your curtain poles to serve well and look good, they must be selected together with the new curtains in the curtain design process.

Why? Each curtain pole has its peculiarities - some may not be suitable for heavy, thick curtains, some may only be installed by the ceiling, while some only by the wall.

For this reasons our designer recommends not to leave the choice of the curtain poles to the last moment, but think about them in context with the curtain design.

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