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Elegance in the bedroom - bedspreads

Bedspreads for your bedroom

A bedspread is a wonderful way to bring elegance in your, children’s or guest bedroom. In addition, a bedspread will also be a perfectly functional decor - it will motivate to make the bed, but on a cool night it will bring warmth.

Bedspread design

It it recommended to match the design of your, nursery or guest room bedspread design with the interior of the room and/or the curtain design. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be in the same colour or from the same fabric, but a selection of a suitable fabric will help to create harmonious and elegant atmosphere. Isn’t that exactly what your bedroom needs?

Bedspread - a three layer cake

One could say that a bedspread is like a cake, which consists of three layers:

  • decorative fabric on the top,
  • sintepon in the middle,
  • lining at the bottom.

The puffiness and thickness of your bedspread depends on the thickness of sintepon you have selected. This is a matter of taste, style and practical reasons.

All three layers are stitched together using quilting as a design element. You can also choose the quilting to your liking - boxes, lines diamonds, floral patterns or any other ornament that match any design elements of your room or matches the pattern of the selected decorative fabric.

Types of bedspreads

More and more new interior and design trends and possibilities enter the world of bedspreads, even though the traditional bed covers still have a stable place in the hearts of customers - all depends on your wishes, bedroom design and other practical considerations.

Bedspreads for your bedroom

Types of bedspreads

  • Traditional, loosely fitted rectangular or square bedspread.
  • Fitted bedspread. The edges of tis bed cover are tucked inwards like a sheet.
  • With overhanging edges and corner slits. Slits may be closed or open, if the bed has nice legs.
  • With pleated ruching.
  • With integrated decorative string along the edge of the bed.

Learn more about ordering an individual bedspread design.

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