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Wedding gift ideas

Ideas for wedding gifts

When you have been invited to wedding there are two main questions causing the most worries: "What to wear?" and "Where to find the perfect wedding gift?" Based on our experience, we offer you a few ideas to find the answer to the question “what to give to the newlyweds?”

Gift for a couple starting their life together

You may say that many couples live together before the wedding; however, wedding is a new milestone for starting or continuing their life together, therefore, it means creating a new, joint energy in the house. A new, jointly created atmosphere at home will provide a positive kickstart or continuation to their new life, so a great gift is a gift that allows for this to happen.

Why choose a gift card

Many couples create their gift inventory, other ask to be gifted money, while some leave the selection of the gifts to their guests. In this case, the gift card will be the best solution. Why? Because it is quite possible that your and the new couple’s taste may differ. As the old saying goes - to each their own.

Why a gift card instead of cash? As we know, often the money gifted with a specific purpose in mind is spent on fairly routine purchases and the wonderful intention to choose something you need and like turns into everyday spending, which is not particularly memorable.

gift card 

How the new couple can use the Curtain design gift card

The great news is that with the Curtain design gift card, the new couple will have plenty of opportunities to create a new atmosphere in their home. Here are some ideas.

New curtains or blinds

New curtains or blinds in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or maybe even in the nursery, when planning a baby, will definitely bring a completely new and fresh atmosphere in the home. We will offer the new couple to create these items by individual order - a custom made design, curtain fabric or blind colours and textures specially for the style of their home, not forgetting also about the functionality, specifics and location of the room and the couple’s lifestyle. We will provide full service from A to Z, this means - including hanging the curtains or blinds.

curtain styles

Patio or outdoor curtains

If the new couple is socially active, loves entertaining guests in their private house or spends romantic evening on their private patio, patio curtains will be an excellent choice. They will create a special atmosphere, as well as be very functional - they protect from the sun, wind or unwanted guests (flies and mosquitos). Learn more about patio or outdoor curtains.

Patio curtains - stylish or practical

Canopies for romantics

Canopy is something a lot of people dream about, but only few actually implement it in their bedroom, as the priorities take precedence and the dream about a canopy and a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom remains just a dream. However, it is not that hard to implement. And why shouldn’t the new couple do it by using your wedding gift - the gift card?

Home textile - cushions

Living room cushions matched to the interior of your home will be a breath of fresh air for the occupants’ new life. Learn how new cushions can be used to create a completely new atmosphere in the house.

Ideas for the use of decorative cushions in the interior

Any Curtain design services

These are just some of the ideas we can offer to the new couple for the creation or improvement of their home. In addition, the new couple may choose any other services required - interior design services or quilt sewing etc. 

Purchase a gift card online

You may purchase the gift card online and it will be delivered to your workplace or home. We offer two types of gift card design - classic or modern.

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