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Patio or outdoor curtains - for summer atmosphere

Outdoor curtains - for summer atmosphere

Where do you like to spend your time in summer? Outdoors? On the front porch, sipping a refreshing cocktail? Watching the sunset? Celebrating the summer with friends or family? Is your patio ready for guests and enjoying the sunny summer days and long, warm evenings? It might be that patio curtains is exactly what you have been missing!

Patio curtains - stylish or practical?

Outdoor curtains are both for style and comfort, since they will help to separate the patio area and hide from direct sunlight when required, as well as protect from insects, create shelter from wind and will look stunning. Of course, every patio and patio curtain has different functions, based on the location, for example, in relation to cardinal directions, intensity of the sun or the lifestyle of the residents or their guests.

Patio curtains will always create a special atmosphere and comfort for a private residence, summer house, hotel, restaurant or other type of patio.

Patio curtains - stylish or practical

Suitable fabrics for patio curtains

We might be repeating ourselves, but the selection of the outdoor curtain fabric depends on the main function of the curtains. If the curtains are to keep out wind, they must be made from denser fabric. If they should protect from insects during the evening and create a gentle shade during the day, they can be made from thinner fabric. Our main recommendation is to select a resistant curtain fabric, as it will deteriorate due to variety of external factors. Also, you will probably want to wash the curtains at the end of the season.

Suitable fabrics for patio curtains 

Patio curtain colours

It always the best to choose a light fabric for patio or any outdoor curtains, as it will be less prone to fading. Thus, it will keep it’s great looks longer.

Outdoor curtain fitting

The fitting options of the patio curtains depend on the desired functionality of the curtains - will you want to open and close them frequently. The patio curtain fittings used more often are rails, decorative hooks or velcro.

Outdoor curtain fitting

Patio design for a celebration or other exciting event

Garden party or any other outdoor event is a wonderful opportunity to create a mood that will allow to travel in time and space. Using the curtains as a decor, you will be able to create a celebratory atmosphere - they can be bright or light - it all depends on the theme of your party. Just a little addition of flowers or ribbons to this functional decor and you have a guaranteed elegant and festive mood.

Patio design for a celebration or other exciting event

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