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VELUX blinds, shutters and sunshades

VELUX blinds, shutters and sunshades

Does your house has VELUX roof windows? Are you planning to change or install roof windows? We can safely say that will be a great choice.

Why choose VELUX roof windows

For several years we have offered our clients whose home or office has roof windows to select VELUX windows. Why? Here are some arguments that we as industry experts find very important.

Roof window quality

First, the quality of the window. The innovative roof window insulation ThermoTechnology™ effectively protects from the cold, the wind and the snow. Equipped with special seals preventing air permeability, ensuring high energy efficiency and keeping the warmth inside the home or the office.

Like almost all other windows, they are laminated from the inside, which is especially important for families with children - so they could safely play along and an accidental move would not cause trouble in a form of shattered window and broken glass.

Range of accessories

Secondly, another important argument is the extensive range of window accessories offered by VELUX. Namely, each window has matching blinds and protection against heat. Even if you haven’t purchased the specific accessory when ordering the window, you will have the opportunity to supplement you window at any time.

Accessories design

Third, as any modern company should, VELUX follows the latest style and design trends. You can order Roman, pleated, rolling or horizontal blinds in a variety of colors suited for your VELUX roof windows. The range also includes blinds with applications and the children will love the famous and lovable characters and other design elements.

Summer trend

This summer the main roof window trend is the external VELUX sunshade, which blocks the sun before it reaches the window panes, reducing passive heating by up to 73%. This way you can open the window letting in the light, but not direct sunlight, which often significantly heats up the rooms.

Take care of your comfort by choosing high-quality products. In addition, VELUX provides 3 year warranty to their products. Contact us to learn more.

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