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Home interior design trends in 2019


As always, the top interior designers of the world do not share a single point of view on the top trends this year; however, we have collected the most popular trends they do agree on.

Industrial style is no longer in vogue

Industrial lamps, chairs, tables and other home accessories are out of style in 2019. We have been enamored with this trend for a while now, but it is time to move on. Say no to industrial style in your home, if you want to keep up with the trends.


Yes to a combination of styles! No to a single style!

If you want to decorate your home in a single style, you probably won't earn the praise of the interior designers. On the other hand, if you mix several styles, your home will be considered stylish and fashionable for at least another few years. Popular styles that don't go out of fashion so quickly is the American contemporary, Scandinavian and Art Deco. By combining these styles with, say, elements of the 50s or the 60s, you will be right on point; however, if you fill your home with elements from a single period, it will remind more of a museum than a home.

Say yes to a mixed style for curtains and blinds! They’re also an outstanding element that should be incorporated into any modern and functional design. Of course, in 2019 more than ever the trend is to stick to natural fabrics and use metal, wood and other environmentally friendly materials instead of plastic..

Yes to colour!

Away with entirely white, sad grey or doleful beige interiors. Our generation and this era are extremely quick-paced and intense. We need some colour to make us happy. In this respect, the world's top decorators agree. They recommend introducing modern, abstract elements, traditional values, floral patterns and anything that brings joy and positivity in your home.

When choosing curtains and blinds, you can afford to be creative and original, since the choice of fabrics, textures and colours keeps getting broader..


Yes to the dining room!

A trend that probably will never go out of style. All homes should have a dining room or at least a family dining table. It must be big enough to bring together the entire family to enjoy a meal  - not only on festive occasions but every day. Today's accelerated lifestyle calls for moments to talk about the day with our loved ones or enjoy the meal in a comfortable silence..


No to glitter and sparkle!

Glitter and sparkle is a thing of the past! It is time to return to real values! Natural materials, soft and comfy things, handicrafts, wood, stone and other elements made from natural materials with real texture and a story..

Africa in your home!

Not so long ago the African wax print became a popular trend in fashion. Now elements of African art are ready to become an interior design trend. Are you or any of your friends going on a trip to Africa? Now you know that the perfect souvenir is a home accessory crafted by the local artists..

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