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How much do quality curtains cost?

How much do quality curtains cost

It is not that easy to say right away how much quality curtains will cost. When you order curtains, just like when making any other order with a wide range of options and solutions, there are too many variables.

What constitutes the price of curtains

One of the variables, of course, is the type and the size of the window. The larger the window, the more fabric and labour is required, accordingly, the costs and the price of the curtains will be higher.

Curtain costs are also affected by the fixtures - the length and type of the curtain poles or rails - and, of course, the fabric. We offer over 200 different fabrics to choose from - traditional and exclusive. In addition, it is also necessary to calculate how much of the selected fabric will be required and whether you will need curtain accessories and lining. The final variable is the cost of sewing and installation of the curtains.

Even selecting one curtain design, but different curtain fabrics or poles, the price can vary considerably.

To find out the exact price of the curtains, order curtain design

Ordering curtain design - this is the first step to plan a curtain that is high quality, durable and fitting to the style of the room. The consultation by the SIA “Stalve” or designer in Riga costs only 20 EUR, but outside Riga the price is agreed taking into consideration additional transport costs.

Our clients from all over Latvia have ordered curtains for their home, office, as well as manors, restaurants, guest houses, hotels etc. No matter where in Latvia it is required to install new curtains: Riga, Jelgava, Daugavpils, Ventspils, Valmiera, Cesis, Jurmala - contact us to agree a designer’s consultation. We definitely will find a mutually beneficial solution.

The designer will go to your specified address, the place where you plan to install new curtains, she will take measurements and listen to your wishes and ideas, draw little sketches to agree on the overall concept and style of the curtains. After this consultation, the designer will be able to give you the preliminary total cost of the curtains. Why not the final estimate? If you conceptually agree on collaboration, another meeting will be required to look at the curtain fabrics in the room and agree on the final design of the curtain. It is quite possible that when looking at the curtain fabrics you will decide on one with a higher price or, on the contrary, you will select the cheaper option - and the designer will recalculate and give you a precise estimate including all variables - the fixtures (poles, rails), curtain fabric, accessories, style and the work invested in the manufacturing of the curtain.

What are the benefits of custom made curtains

Individually designed curtains have an array of advantages and this is the reason they generally cost more than ready-made curtains offered by curtain stores or even variety of shopping centers.

  • Your curtains will organically fit the style of your room.
  • The curtains will be of high quality.
  • They will be made exactly for your window size and they won’t require any adjustments, re-sewing etc, which requires extra care and costs.
  • An experienced curtain designer will think about the nuances you might not consider at first, for example, convenient opening of the window, curtain cleaning, the primary and the secondary functions of the curtain.
  • You won’t have to worry about putting up the curtain pole and the curtains.
  • With an appropriate choice of curtain you can visually expand the room or give it some other desired mood.
  • And, it is quite possible, that you haven’t even thought about several great combinations of curtain fabrics and styes or curtain combination with blinds to make your curtains modern, elegant and functional.

Did you know that curtains have several functions?

In addition to forming a part of the interior of your room and hiding you from the sights of passersby or neighbors, your curtains may also:

  • dampen the noise,
  • keep the warmth,
  • provide deeper sleep, if, for example, black-out curtains or thick curtains with extra lining are used,
  • protect from insects etc.

Do you want to know the cost of your new curtains?

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