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Care and cleaning of blinds


Recommendations of curtain designer Kristīne Martinsone for care and cleaning of blinds.

Different types of blinds require different types of cleaning:

in the case of Horizontal blinds - wooden or metallic blinds - can easily be cleaned by applying the dry cleaning method, using a vacuum cleaner or a duster, or you can use a cloth dampened with water.Roller blinds and roller cassette blinds (blinds for double pane windows) - only the dry cleaning method with a duster or vacuum is suitable. Do not immerse in water. Prevent various liquids and fumes and steam from domestic appliances from getting on the blinds. In autumn, take care not to roll up the little fruit flies - or you will end up with an herbarium.

For vertical blinds - only the dry cleaning method with the duster or vacuum cleaner is suitable. Do not immerse in water, as the fabric may lose its impregnation. The only exception is the washable blinds, which may be cleaned in accordance with the instructions provided.

Roman blinds - curtains that are fitted on a retractable mechanism. Before cleaning, these curtains must be removed from the window together with the mechanism and spread out on a table or the floor and to carefully remove the fabric from the mechanism as follows:

1. untie all straps at the bottom and pull through the loops;
2. the top edge is lined with velcro - here you can remove the curtain from the pole;
3. carefully remove all side ribs;
4. remove the metallic weight from the bottom.

When the curtain is removed from the mechanism, you may clean it.
If the material is 100% polyester, you may wash it at home just like any sheer curtains.
If the material is mixed with natural fibre or is 100% natural, dry cleaning will be a more suitable option.
After cleaning, attached the fabric to the mechanism in reverse order. After that, you will need to tighten all straps at the same length, which will be easier, when the curtains are already hanging at the window.

In the end, a cautionary tale, why you should be careful before cleaning your blinds: One of our clients had beautiful roman blinds from dark brown, sheer, crumpled fabric with a fine metallic thread woven into the texture of the fabric to provide the crumpled effect. The client was informed that the fabric should only be dry-cleaned, but, when after a longer while the day came, she had forgotten about the cleaning instructions and the blind was washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees and using the centrifuge. After the hour long washing cycle, the washing machine produced a tiny, round, little ball, interwoven with a metallic thread - but it was exceptionally clean. To cheer up the customer, we made a new roman blind from an easy-to-clean, washable fabric. So, if you are not sure about the best way to clean or wash you curtains or blinds, consult an expert.

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