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Curtain design for Kukšu manor

Curtain design

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Curtain design for Kukšu manor is of one the largest and most complex projects we have implemented. We created original and elegant curtains for every room, romantic canopies, bedspreads and decorative pillows suited for the interior of the rooms. 

About Kukšu manor

Kukšu manor in Kurzeme has a long and rich history, it was first mentioned in written sources already in the 16th century. The current owner of the manor purchased it in 2000 and has invested significant funds in the renovation of the building; therefore, today we are greeted by its majestic reflection in the Kukšu lake and it has become a popular tourist destination and a place for important celebrations.

Visitors are attracted by the location of the Kukšu manor - it is an opportunity to completely forget about the rest of the world and indulge in exciting or relaxing leisure activities in all seasons. Visitors also value the authentic interiors, as every detail was considered throughout the restoration. Learn more about the Kukšu manor.

Our curtains in Kukšu manor

Now our curtains are decorating the windows of the restored Kukšu manor. We listened to the customer’s requirements, created drawings, selected suitable curtain fabrics and accessories, as well as manufactured and installed the curtains. All thick curtains throughout the Kukšu manor are lined with Latvian linen, giving them even more authentic aura, but in Lāčplēsis room we created folk-inspired curtains.

“Curtain design for Kukšu manor was a very exciting project with high level of responsibility, as each room had its own mood, nuances, color scheme, as well as the technical capabilities. Our greatest satisfaction is the achieved results and the fact that our work is now a part of a cultural monument of a national importance.”

Other textiles for Kukšu manor

In addition to curtains, Kukšu manor is decorated with canopies, decorative pillows and bedspreads created by us, and, just like curtains, they are all harmonised with the interior of each bedroom.

We are pleased with our work and so is our client. Read their feedback!

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