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Which fabric to choose for your new curtains

fabrics for curtains

The range of types and colours of curtain fabrics available is very wide allowing for the designers to realize most diverse solutions. Every fabric has its advantages, functions and applications. Some curtain fabrics will look better and serve longer if padded with lining, while other fabrics will be suitable also for use as Roman blinds, etc. Widest popularity is enjoyed by such curtain fabrics as till, organza, linen, silk, gobelin and tafetta.

Width of thick curtain fabrics

Thick curtain fabrics are produced in two standard sizes: 2.80 or 1.40 meters wide. For windows less than 1.50 meters wide use of narrow curtain fabrics is recommended, as only two drops are needed – one at each side of the window. However when width of a window exceeds 1.50 meters, it is better to use the wide curtain fabric, which allows for avoiding from sewing of several drops together.

For example, in the case of a 5 meters wide window the thick curtain can be made in one piece up to 10 meters (with gathering of 1:2), if that feels convenient. It can also be split where necessary, for example, in the middle or where the balcony doors are located, or where required for opening of the window.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are the most dense night curtains, completely shadowing the room. Blackout curtains will be truly appreciated by the people highly valuing peaceful and deep sleep as even during the most sunny mornings you will have a feeling that it's still dark outside, while the curtains will be closed.

Blackout curtains are a choice also for hotels, spa centres, premises with conference rooms, where, for example, overhead projectors are used.

Printed curtain fabrics

Curtain fabrics can be printed with various designs of words, drawings, photos, as well as company logos, etc. For production of printed curtain fabrics it is recommended to have the required image available in electronic format. Printed curtains will be of best use always, when you will want to match curtains with another element of interior. For example, by matching patterns printed on curtains with the same or similar patterns on the walls or, let's say, on the pillows.

Simple and plain fabric can be turned into curtains of unique design just by applying prints.

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